A few days ago, I thought it would be exciting to see what a pine needle looks like under a microscope, and found some gorgeous photos of Austrian pine (Pinus nigra) needles, in cross section, from the lab of a Czech scientist named Josef Reischig. (His authorship heirs donated 384 pictures under CC BY SA 3.0 license as a part of Wikimedia Czech Republic‘s GLAM initiative.) Today is Pinus nigra’s day, so I began drawing. But my self-imposed rule of drawing a leaf a day has met its match; I’ve spent all the time I can manage and am far, far from being done with this one. That’s okay. Rules are made to be reconsidered, especially self-imposed ones. So here is the drawing so far.

If you care to see the reference photo, it is here.

Update from January 14:

Update from January 15:

Update from January 16:

Update from January 17:

Update from January 19:

Update from January 21:

Update from January 23:

Update from January 25: