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Rubber-stamp ink on paper

I’ve been intrigued by the Tower of Babel for a long time, so I’ve decided to really dig into it via art (and maybe writing) by making it my Lent project. Every day, an exploration of some aspect or interpretation or tangent of this very brief (nine verses, Genesis 11:1-9),  enigmatic story. Here’s the first.

What I’ve been drawing for the past few days.

Morning Vertigo

The orchid in my office at church was in this lovely state this morning, with about 20 buds and two flowers already opened. I drew it for a long as I could before I had to begin working, with two results : this sketch and the knowledge that I have to paint this flower. The morning light was so lovely that I’m going to take a photo tomorrow at the same time so I can paint from it at home without having to schlep this sweetie back and forth.

Pale yellow orchid, pencil on paper, 9×12″

Botanical shapes call to me all the time. I don’t know why, and don’t really want to dissect it, but they do. This orchid that has been on our kitchen table for weeks, for example. Another orchid, in my office, has over a dozen buds, and I’m hoping I’ll have time to draw it later this week, before they all open.

Drawn with SketchBookX on Samsung Galaxy S8
Drawn with SketchBookX on Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

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