Sequoia sempervirens (6)
Marija Gaj, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many nights, I am tempted to skip that day’s drawing, but I’ve stuck to it every time. Usually, even if I don’t sit down to it until 10 p.m., the process gives me energy and I’m glad to be drawing. But last night, I really wanted a break from both drawing and piano practice, gave it some serious consideration, and decided a day off was a good idea.

Today, I played piano and I drew, but this drawing is going to take a couple more days. It feels special to have gotten to it in the field guide: Sequoia sempervirens, our beloved coast redwood. And the reference photo I found conveys that quality of light that comes through the branches, and maybe explains it too: each needle, it turns out, is outlined by a glow where it thins to nothing. That’s what I want to get across in my drawing, so it will be a slow, careful process. Today I mostly just outlined the leaves.

See you tomorrow, Sequoia sempervirens.