Well, I did about 15 days of a Lent practice. About par for me.

My arbitrary and punitive rules for myself are being counterproductive again (are they ever anything else?). I keep not-blogging because I don’t want to write about any of the “big” things that come to mind. But what do I know about writing?: just write. That primes the pump. So never mind the big stuff. Here’s what my day was like yesterday, Easter.

It was one of those days that feels like three because it has so many different parts. I preached on “What Would Jesus Do?” if he traveled through the United States in 2016, observing fascism on the rise, and felt myself renewed and inspired by my own examples, all ordinary people from our own church speaking up against the domination system when it exerts itself: for religious freedom against McCarthy in the 1950s, in support of returning Japanese-Americans after internment in 1945, in solidarity with African-Americans and Muslims now. When I asked my daughter what she thought the sermon was about, she said, “Resistance,” a perfect word that I don’t think I even used once. The music was beautiful–the last note of the choir’s Bach Alleluia is still ringing in my heart, a young woman announced at Caring and Sharing that she is joining the church, the Easter egg hunt was a hoot, there were waffles and fruit on the patio for everyone, and I never get tired of hearing the Easter story as told by Dan Harper.
That was the morning. Back home, we ate lunch on the deck in the hot sunshine, and I took a nap, then someone came over who might rent our place while we’re on sabbatical. Luna seemed to approve of him, and we liked him too. We love our house and it’s sweet when someone else thinks it’s beautiful, as he did. It is never as clean and orderly as when a guest comes, and it’s a pleasure just to sit and read in the tidy house (current reading: Home, by Marilynne Robinson).  The afternoon sun shone through the bouquet of oxalis Munchkin picked the other day.
We still had lots of playtime–what should we do? The munchkin suggested an Easter egg hunt. We all wanted to hide and to seek, so we did three, each in a separate room. Joy hid 13 items, corresponding to half of the alphabet, all over the living room, for me and the munchkin to find; I made six Easter-egg stickers for them and hid them around our room, along with a jigsaw puzzle of pysanky eggs that they had forgotten we own (we didn’t do the puzzle; it’s 1000 pieces); Munchkin shared some of her bounteous candy takings by hiding eggs all over the kitchen, and then felt her hunt had not been very creative. Joy and I had to get creative because we didn’t have a basket full of chocolate each. We might have an annual tradition in the making.

After dinner we played The Game of Life, which is beginning to rival Monopoly in my mind for Most Boring Board Game, but was fun anyway. Joy and I watched an episode of Grace and Frankie and talked about marriage.

And somewhere in there Munchkin and I planted poppies. A good day.