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Twenty-seven months after the first post, this blog has reached the milestone of 25,000 views! The monthly hits have been rising and the average is now over 1,000. (One month in 2011 had the peak number of views by far, almost 8,000, due to a March post’s being Freshly Pressed.) One hundred people follow it–thank you!–and it’s a lot of fun writing it and reading your comments.


Black History Month, day 20

It’s my drawing day, so I went looking for figurative drawings by African-American artists and found some beauties.

“At Rest,” by Charles White

“Study for Willie J.,” by Charles White

Self Portrait, by Samella Lewis. She was 19 years old.

“Morning Is Here, No Dawn,” by John Thomas Biggers (photo #4 in the slideshow).
Actually, this one is a lithograph, but wow, what a draftsman.

Also, just today we went to SFMOMA and I was intrigued by the very different kind of work of Mark Bradford: very large collages, or assemblages–or given his process, maybe the term is disassemblages–made of many layers of found paper. By the time we got to that floor, the munchkin was very anxious to get to the children’s room, so I only got a peek. I will have to go back and spend a long time looking at these without a child in tow.

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