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I have never had a guest poster here and don’t plan to start (too much administrative overhead), but I was so taken with this sermon that I asked Sharon if I could post it, and she graciously said yes. I love it because it speaks not only to the preparation for ministry, and the ongoing work of ministry, but to all that people are and do. I would wish for each congregation to be a “place that calls us back unrelentingly to who we are, lays us bare, and demands of us that we use our gifts to bless the world in the spirit of love.” I would wish that our families be such places; that our friendships be such places; that we each have such places at the center of our lives. And I’m happy to hear that for one person at least, Starr King School for the Ministry has been one such place.

To read more by/about Sharon, check out her blog, Ministry in Steel-Toed Shoes.

“Training to Be a Jedi”


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