I put my favorite serious sites on my blogroll, but I also have a bunch that I visit every couple of days for sheer laughs, such as Cake Wrecks. Its very funny author, Jen Yates, displays disastrous cake-decorating attempts by so-called professional bakers. (Sundays, she posts “Sunday sweets,” the opposite: spectacularly beautiful cakes. So Cake Wrecks the rest of the week isn’t just someone snarking amusingly about other people’s incompetence– it’s someone who appreciates great craftsmanship snarking amusingly about other people’s incompetence. This somehow takes the site to a new level for me.)

Today’s Cake Wrecks not only featured the usual horrible cakes and hilarious commentary, but kicked off twelve days of giving. Last year, just by suggesting a charity each day and creating links where her readers could give a dollar to them–and most donations were a dollar–she raised well over $50,000. I’m glad she’s making it an annual event, and I’m giving daily this time.

Apologizing in advance for the time suck I have just introduced to your life, I offer this, one of my favorite Wrecks, in compensation.