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(1) Close the closet door. I guess it’s because the surface of a door is almost always visually simpler than the inside of a closet.

(2) Shut all drawers. A dresser drawer with just a sliver of t-shirt poking out look messy; a completely shut dresser drawer looks neat.

(3)–okay, this one takes more than a few seconds’ effort–Make the bed. Again, you get an expanse of smooth surface in the room. Even if your idea of making a bed is throwing a blanket over the lumps, it’s an improvement.

There you have it. Do you think this could be the beginning of a best-selling trendy book?


Daylight Savings Time is a semi-annual source of bewilderment. If anyone ever understood the point of the thing, they are long deceased. We don’t even need it as a reminder of when to change the batteries in our smoke alarms anymore, because smoke alarms now beep at us when their batteries are dying.

Everyone hates the spring ordeal. Some people suffer genuine adjustment pangs every time. The rest of us just wonder which of our clocks have automatically set themselves and which need our attention. It is especially burdensome on people who actually have a Sunday morning scheduled activity. Someone always comes late to church, or early. A glance at the map above shows that the world can’t even agree on whether or when to observe this outmoded ritual.

What everyone agrees on is that the fall switchover is awesome. So here is my proposal: nix “Spring forward, fall back,” and just turn the clock back an hour every six months. It’s a little freebie, an extra hour of sleep* thrown in just to make life that tiny bit more sweet.

The science-minded among you will point out that by the second occurrence, daylight hours will have altered noticeably, and within a few years, sunset will be at 5 a.m. No worries. I think the minor inconveniences caused by this shift are a small price to pay for extra sleep.**


*There would be no restriction on the use of the extra hour. You may use yours for playing videogames, snuggling your kids, watching reruns, even washing the dishes if you really want to make this about productivity.

**Still what I’m planning to use it for.

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