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Joy said about the drawing I posted earlier, “All self-portraits have that same expression.” True–it’s the expression of someone concentrating. Just to prove it wasn’t the only option, I did this one just now, working fast and having fun, though my tongue started to feel dry.


Robert Arneson actually did this years ago.

I didn’t go to drawing today; it’s rare for all three of us in the family to have a weekday off, and we preserved it as a family day. I did some drawing at home, though, which I seldom do in any sustained way, so I’m pleased.

Usually I have my paper propped up on my knees, but this time it was flat on the table. As a result, what looks pretty correctly proportioned at the angle at which I drew it–


–shows all its distortions when propped up perpendicularly:

This was also a foray into Bristol vellum-texture paper; I’m looking for something as smooth as the newsprint I’m accustomed to, but of more archival quality. It’s close.

I also spent some time with Munchkin’s Hawthoria succulent, until the attention to detail was driving me squirrelly and I stopped.


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