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Two vivid dreams from last night:

One seemed to have the length, complexity, structure, and visual qualities of a movie, a very violent action movie. The character I identified with had learned to hide extremely well, due to instruction from a friend of his who had had to develop that skill. At one point he slipped through a loose board into a barn and you could never have guessed that there was someone in there–that seemed amazing at the time. He (the character I identified with) had a close friend who was a bit violent, a tough and troubled guy but okay at the start, and by the end the friend had taken up with someone else who was casually, sociopathically murderous. I could see the faces of the friend and the sociopath as they walked right up to someone (same character? unclear but implied) and fired. Scary.

In the other, I was going up a steep hill in our neighborhood, entering text on my mobile phone, and rolling along as if on a motorized skateboard. It was the phone that was powering it, as if just holding the phone in front of me somehow gave me a platform to stand on and made it zoom. I felt a little nervous careering around a corner and up a hill, especially since lots of other people, with and without phones, were zooming up and down the street too, but I was very happy I didn’t have to climb that hill the way I usually do. Which is a laugh, because in real life, I never walk up that particular hill. It gives my car a hard time. But I love the “skateboard app.” If someone reads this, invents it, and makes a lot of money, I hope they’ll remember me.


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