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Tomorrow I go to Bass Lake, and will no doubt do many of the same things I did last year, except the munchkin will be with me. Yay! Sadly, Joy has too much work to take off two days right now, so–this part is not sad–it’s four days of Mama-Munchkin time.

I like making tie-dye more than wearing it, so last year I refrained, but this year we will have to pick up some white socks and size 4T t-shirts on the way so that Munchkin can go tie-dye wild and then wear her creations. I’m going to lead a sample Chalice Circle session. Maybe we’ll join in the talent show–Munchkin has excellent comic timing on her one, favorite joke, and I could even teach her a second one.


September 11 was our Water Communion, our Ingathering Sunday, as it was for many Unitarian Universalist congregations: a joyous occasion. It was also, of course, a day of mourning and remembrance. Below is my homily that morning, along with the readings that preceded it. The Water Communion and its attendant readings and blessings followed.

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