Google Maps tells me that I saved $8.35 by taking transit instead of driving today. Unfortunately, they don’t know about the $55 ticket I got for leaving my car parked all day on the street-cleaning side of the street.

Every once in a while I take the train on Friday, or work at home that day. More often than not, I forget that I also have to move the car between 12 and 2. All in all, having a car in San Francisco is a very expensive proposition, unless you are smarter than I am and never park in the wrong place. (All the small tickets put together don’t equal the time, my first month here, when I pulled into our street so exhausted from a 14-hour day that I parked blocking someone’s driveway. That one cost a boodle.) If I didn’t have a job on the Peninsula, I’d sell the car and depend on City Car Share.