My Palo Alto colleague Dan Harper posted a teaser at his blog, Yet Another Unitarian Universalist, about “possibly the most famous Universalist that ever lived” who, like several other of our forebears, celebrates a 200th birthday this year. I confirmed my guess at Wikipedia, then ran a search to see if the biography actually identified the person as a Universalist. Nope. (There is another article, called “List of Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists,” where the person does appear.)

On a slow day or ten, I may go through each Wikipedia biography of a U, U, or UU, and add one line identifying their religion. If you get the time before I do, go for it. The references have already been provided by the editors of the “List” article. It’s very nice of us to be so reluctant to push our religion down anyone’s throat, but ridiculous to conceal our existence under a bushel basket.