It’s the most-photographed building in San Miguel, such a cliché that it’s a little embarrassing to point one’s camera at it, but it’s the truth:  I love the Parróquia, San Miguel’s parish church, and I’m going to miss it.

Despite the architecture, it is only about 150 years old.  The architect, who was an amateur, loved the Gothic cathedrals of Europe and combined all his favorite features into a big pink Gothic wannabe.  Eh, authentic, schmauthentic.  I grew up wandering the Yale University campus, so I’m used to fake Gothic, and I like it.

When Munchkin first saw it, she called it “the pink castle.”  I like the way you’ll be walking in another part of town and turn a corner and there it’ll be.

(#8 of 20 things I’ll miss about San Miguel)