For the last six weeks, we’ve been fostering four cats from the humane society, a mom and her nursing kittens. Mom is Cleo, and we’ve named the kittens Lunita (after a vague resemblance to Luna, one of our cats in SF), Rayado (=striped), and Ruidosa (=noisy). Today they go back to the humane society so that their potential permanent people can look at them. That is, today’s the day unless the volunteer in charge forgets to call and arrange a time. We’re hoping she will.

Right now I am sitting on the floor in the dark, and every once in a while a soft something brushes my leg. I reach out to pet a kitten, but with no light except the computer screen’s, I miss most of the time. Sometimes I feel a tiny tail between my fingers, or get to rub a furry belly for a moment before whoever it is moves on to explore the spiral staircase or hide behind the curtains.

I’m going to miss these cats.