Vermont Street (photo by Joshua Tiger)

Joy and I were driving home through the Potrero Hill section of San Francisco after a terrific sushi dinner the other night, when suddenly we were wending our way down a real slalom of a block, Vermont Street between 20th and 22nd
(click for map).  I thought it was as twisty as “most crooked” Lombard Street, and also prettier, since I’m partial to streets shaded by lots of trees.  This one reminded us both of a steep, winding street in San Miguel whose trees are host to hundreds of nesting egrets.  Driving it was a treat.

Lombard may pack an extra hairpin or two into a similar length of street
(you be the judge). In any case, I’m sure Vermont Street residents don’t want a flood of tourists driving down it on a daily basis, so why contest Lombard’s dominance?

Of course, the streets that really demonstrate the drama of San Francisco’s hills are the ones where the climb is too steep for a car. Today, after a very indulgent visit to ImagiKnit, knitter’s paradise (or, alternatively, the highway to hell, for those who already have a goodly stash of yarn and multiple projects underway, but walked out with a dozen and a half skeins for a new sweater anyway, ahem), I thought I’d take Sanchez back to my neighborhood, and had to laugh when I got to the top of the first block and the street dead-ended at a set of stairs. Rather than get out of my car and walk up to the next block, I detoured to a different street.